This Thursday Aug 28,

8:pm call or 7:30pm if you need tech/sound check etc.

9809 SW 72nd St, Miami, FL 33173
(305) 271-7404 


 scullytemp-e1302960861415Ok folks, this time around we are being hosted by another venue with a great tradition of food and music. They have been featured in television shows, newspaper write ups and as a matter of fact, we cancan absolutely attest to the great service , atmosphere and amazing food at Scully’s Tavern (we got to review then a couple of times a few years back and, have been hooked since). They have a truly surprising menu which features the best in comfort food and, featured dishes ready to capture the taste buds of any  wandering gourmet diner (you have to try their escargot, it is pure heaven!).

But, if having a full bar and always smiling servers with ample space to sit at bars or tables was not enough to make you put Scully’s in your list of “must try” venues, the music will seal the deal. Scully’s , much as the Keg South and, Little Hoolies, has it’s own very distinct and, rightly proud tradition of great music. From country to blues, to rock, the place is a cornucopia of the best sounds in the area every Friday and Saturday from 10 P.M. to 2 A.M. and, there is never a cover charge. Check out their web page here.

That is the real reason why we were so happy to have Scully’s accept to be our Round Three host. They have the pedigree to qualify for the kind of contestants and audiences we are looking for. This Wednesday is karaoke night so, we plan to stop to chat a bit with owner and Front of House Manager Cassandra in preparation for the Round Three Auditions (Hubby Chris is the other owner and  Master Chef and, he always busy in the kitchen. Try the food and you’ll see why it would be a crime to distract him!).

The hope is to also have a chance to invite all “Karaokistas” that may be there Wednesday to come out for the contest on Thursday. We may even be able to let a few of them use the Karaoke machine instead of a track. Who knows what could happen?

  So, for a really fun time enjoying some of the best vocal talent in South Miami (beware, it is still an open audition so, not all contestants may have any of what it takes so, be kind!). Just make sure you get to Scull’s by 8pm, thirsty and, with a good appetite, you will really enjoy it!

Microphone in a spotlight


Last Time @ the Keg for Round 2 Auditions

keg1Our former area manager insisted Keg South wanted us back so,  Round two  was held at Keg South. We don’t usually go back to the same place twice in a row (its the nature of these events) but, given that Keg South is such a great place and, owners, Joe, Bridgette and, Robert Palmar (their son) are always great hosts, we could not resist the opportunity to break the rules just this once and return for an encore. Take a look at some of the first images we have had the chance to upload.

A full gallery and video press release will be ready for all events a little later in the week. Subscribe to these posts , like us on Facebook (Tiger Talent Hunt) or follow us on Twitter (@Vocalist hunter).

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For the first images of Round 1 Auditions please follow this link


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