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A talent hunt is on for a vocalist to open for Florida Rock & Roll legend and fervent Miccosukee activist Mr. Lee Tiger of Tiger Tiger Music at the world famous HARD ROCK CAFE located at the Seminole Paradise Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida.The search will take place in the form of a talent hunt held at multiple locations city by city in Miami and Fort Lauderdale culminating with the final on September 25th and a featured performance as the opening act(s) on September 26th at the Hard Rock Cafe , Hollywood.

The “Tiger Talent Hunt” is a year-long talent competition that will take place through Miami and Fort Lauderdale starting on August 8, 2014. Our first run off area is South West Miami by Tamiami Airport at a place with a long tradition of good music and,  as long a history of promoting new talent. Although it can not hold as many people as other venues we will be at, it is the history and tradition of the Keg South that makes it worthy of being the “take off”spot for “Tiger Talent Hunt”.

All events will be streamed LIVE by Tix Pix (one of many spin offs of the Snoop Dog business empire) and, we will be pitching the show to reality TV producers as we move it along. Our guest  judges rangea from Lee Tiger himself to singer and actress Crystal Shannon (currently filming the show “Hitstreak ” in Miami Beach for world famous Eric Foster White (“OOPs, I did it again” by Britney Spears, author), to local investment firms  like Brickel Financial looking for creative opportunities for their clientele.

The search will end with a primary elimination at The Hard Rock cafe where all finalist will have a chance to show they have the goods not just with their vocals but, by getting fans to support them with their applause or via app.

The judges will make their final decision on September 25th by selecting one finalist to represent the area between South Miami and 200 street South West.  We are going to each city rater than having a general “cattle call” unashamedly following the tried and true city by city pattern set by “America’s got Talent”.

The following night September 26, 2014 the room will be packed with VIP’s of all types but, particularly with music professionals, promoters and talent scouts. They will be there to see the featured talent open for Lee Tiger and decide if they are interested in him or her.

The winner of the first run off in September 2014 will be offered a recording contract with TTM and, be offered a chance to be featured in the traveling version of the competition.  All run off finalists will be offered representation (if they don’t already have it) and, will be introduced to other record producers and promoters at the national and international levels. In other words, this could be a life changing opportunity for the right vocalist.

After the finals on the first run we will take the month of October to prepare for and then celebrate Hispanic Heritage week with Visit Florida. We have been asked to entertain a number of key journalists and bloggers from around the world during the week of October 12th so, the winners(s) of the vocalist competition will also be invited to perform and mingle with these select group of journalists and, the great people at Visit Florida (Visit Florida is the part of the Florida government in charge of promoting our wonderful state to the world).

We will resume the competition in November  at another city/area in Greater Miami repeating the same steps to select another finalist. and continue to do so until we have at least 12 vocalists representing Miami and Fort Lauderdale. They will then go to a major South Florida Final and perhaps even make their way to the national competition.

All thing going well, the competition will widen to include guitar players, drummers or , even whole bands. Make sure to get in our mailing list by following us here and on our other social sites as they are listed here.

The Kick Off site : 8pm seating

August 8 2014


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