Advertisers, Sponsors and Angels

Why Do We Need Sponsors?

Although this event is being managed by Amsworldweb, the basic effort is to help talented folk get the sort of exposure that is usually beyond the average individual. Attached to our Tiger Talent Hunt are Tiger Tiger Music, The Native American Music Foundation, the Welcome To Florida Project, The Florida Association of Hispanic Journalists and, the International Press Club-Miami most of which are no-profit organizations.

They are all pooling their resources “pro-bono” to push this effort forward but, we still need operational costs and, there is never a cover charge for the shows not is there a registration fee for either talent nor venue.  Therefore we must relay solely on advertising or, arts sponsors.

Please consider helping us promote this talent and, give them a shot at being “discovered” on September 25/26, 2014 when we hold the finals and show at the world-famous Hard Rock Cafe, Hollywood.


For those interested in helping out the talent , we have the following options:


1: Outside Banners (self standing  at a max size of  5 x 5) =$ 75

2: Inside Handouts or Table Placements (Biz cards, single fliers or, triple fold brochures) = $100

3: Stage Backdrop Banners: (max 4 x4 Feet) = $150


Venue Sponsors:

Venue Sponsors get special mentions and, will be featured on all photo ops that night and any advertising preceding the event.

Artists Sponsors:

Artist Sponsors get special mentions and, will be featured on all photo ops that night and receive a copy of the finals and show video featuring their sponsored vocalist edited with a front featured Artist Sponsor photo and  credit on the video ‘s intro .


If you are truly into the arts and would like to help this talent hunt find, help promote worthy candidates and, get them their own demo,  you may contribute any amount through our  pay pal Angel page here :  Helping the Arts

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