Judges Registration Pages

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Thanks to you all for considering being a part of this wonderful project. Few of our local performers ever get a real chance to play where real music and industry will watch them open for a another local Rock legend, Lee Tiger.

Please know that once you register and, get a date f(s) or your judging duties you are:

Agreeing to be at the venue at the call time set for Judges  which will be never less than 30 minutes prior to show.

Judges will treated as the celebs they are and , also be expected to smile and be warm to fans wishing to take pictures with them at the Step and Change Area. Judges are not obligated to pose or take pictures anywhere else but, that is left to their own designs so as long as it does not interfere with production.

Judges agree to the use of their name and likeness in appropriate promotions and/or advertising and, to be filmed or otherwise recorded during the production of the event.

Judges also agree to maintain a modicum of grace and decorum in all their actions as Judges representing TTH during the local events. No excessive intoxication with aid of any substance. Judges will be comped by the venue for food and drink but, Amsworldweb reserves the right to limit the drinks offered for free to beer, wine or other drinks if any judge is unable to control him or herself. Now, as soon as the judges hit the private after-party the directives are no longer applicable and the Judges can party like it is 1999!

Finally Judges agree that they will make every effort to comply with the above and, will do their best to advise Eric Traebecke, JP Ettiene or Bill Lara if there any issues with scheduling as soon as it is suspected.

In order to be granted the position officially, please fill out the following form and expect a confirmation email with your first event choice or schedule and, further details on how to join the judges calendar and private network pages.


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