Venue Registration

The Venue

For the first leg of this competition we are scouting worthy venues with the following attributes:

Music pedigree in the area

An already existing flow of performers (or a definite desire to help promote new talent)

A mellow  and friendly atmosphere

A great kitchen (colleges and civic organizations are by definiton exempt of this requirement)

Reasonable pricing

Appropriate space and tech support potential for the performers

What is in it for the venue?

The event producer (AMSWORLDWEB)  will feature venues in all advertising promoting the venue’s competition dates and include or generate the following items for the individual location:

From The Event Principal (Lee Tiger) and the Native American Music Foundation:

All participating venues will become a part of the foundation’s asset list. From this list, the Foundation will select venues to hold further showcases sponsored directly by the Foundation (the Native American Music Foundation supports all sorts of performers from any ethnic background).

The Hard Rock Cafe, Hollywood:

Will co -promote the event  with participating venues in the hopes of establishing a direct two way cross cooperation possibility between select locations in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Media: The Florida Association of Hispanic Journalists,  the International Press Club -Miami and World Press Services and the up and coming “SOMOS” advertising agency as well as attached promoters and electronic media experts will be promoting the venues and events for said dates and, will include profiles, reviews and interviews with venue managers and principals in their promotions to further deliver value to the venues.

What is asked of the venue:

Reasonably comp the crew with light snacks and sodas

Reasonably comp the judges and  MC’s food and drink

Set up some giveaways or special discounts for the crowd

Put a percentage of liquor sales for the promoters to share

Allow for the promoters to place non competing adverts in the forms of outside self standing banners, Business cards on table tops and , stage back wall advertising banners .

Have a ready space with minimum equipment

Advise all their regular performers of the event

Advise all their regulars of the event at their location

We will further provide:

Other give away prizes

Any support equipment not provided by the venues

Introduction to Visit Florida cross promotional opportunities

Introduction to  the Merchants Guild business event Network

Other opportunities to promote or, potential group events as they come in.

 To Register as a venue for the first round beginning the week of August  13th 2014 please fill in the basic form below and one of our promoters will contact you within 24 hours to discuss things in more details and, place you on our calendar.







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